An herb known for it's peppery, pungent flavor. This herb won't dry out as quickly during heat waves and will go dormant if exposed to freezing temperatures. The fragrant leaves of this plant may provide a small boost of inspiration to Sims with the gourmet cooking skill as well as a focused boost for Sims with the gardening skill. Has custom notebook entry and chance to get from seed packs.

Any Spice Herb

Any Herb




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Vertical Planter


Year-Round Harvest


Year Round Foliage


Buy from Grocery Stall

Sold by Critter Keeper

Plant Effects

11-11-20_10-22-24 PM.png

Fragrant Plant

Scent has a chance to make your Sim Inspired or Focused, depending on their skills.

11-11-20_10-22-24 PM.png

Freeze Damage

Will go dormant if exposed to freezing temperatures.

11-11-20_10-22-24 PM.png

Heat Tolerant

Can handle heat waves so they don't dry out as fast.

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Required Mods:

Core Mod

This is the foundation for all my harvestables. It has resources that are shared across multiple harvestables and it keeps them from becoming bloated with duplicate items. It also allows you to download all my other content in a modular fashion, giving you more control of the size of your downloads folder.



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Optional Mods:

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