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These were made for EP01 - Get to Work retail stores. They are retail displays with a inventory so that you can store items inside and then stock them directly to surface to set for sale. They will also keep items, like fish, from spoiling as fast. I created these to make it easier to sell all those harvestables and fish at a farmers market or grocer.

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Gameplay & Object

Crate and Barrel Retail Displays





You'll find these items in the Retail section of the catalog if you're on a retail lot. Otherwise you can find them in Surfaces > Displays. This set comes with one barrel, one crate, and a hay and ice insert for each one. You'll want to put the inserts into a slot on the crates and barrels so that items stocked to the surface don't look like they're floating. You won't be able to do this once the slots are filled so make sure you do it before you stock anything.

As sims browse and shop from these objects they will become dirty so make sure you're keeping an eye on them. Sims will clean them with a spray bottle. Also be sure to leave a little bit of space between each object so that sims can get close enough to stock it. If you don't your sims will exit out of the interaction and give you a routing error.

Storing & Stocking:

The crate and barrel have their own inventory so you can accumulate and store things that you want to sell at your retail store. I made these with harvestables and fish in mind, but you can store pretty much anything in these. If you have items stored inside you click on them and 'Stock' any items from inside to the slots that sit on the surface.

Only so many items can be stocked at a time even if there are more items inside of the inventory so you made need to use the 'Stock' interaction several times to fill all the slots. Fish and larger objects may slot in strangely sometimes so if you don't like the way it looks then feel free to go into Build Mode to adjust them. Don't try to adjust them in Live Mode, you will just end up dropping them back into the object inventory.

Managing Stock & Inventory

Gone are the days of setting each item for sale one-by-one, who has time for that? With these displays you can choose to 'Set Items For Sale' and your sim will set anything slotted to the surface for sale with a single swipe of the hand! You can also 'Set Items Not For Sale' which will do the opposite and set anything slotted to the surface not for sale.

You can only set items for sale/not for sale if there are no 'Sold' item signs on the display so be sure to remove them first.

You can retrieve items from these displays by using the 'Clear the Surface' or 'Take Stored Items' interaction. Clearing the surface will take any items slotted to the surface and put it into your sims inventory. Taking any stored items will remove them from the display inventory and put them into your sims inventory.

I've also added an option to label these so you can keep them organized since they are used as storage.

Please note: all interactions are available regardless of whether or not there are items slotted to the surface of these objects for now. This may get an update in the future.

Things to Keep in Mind

These have inventories and a LOT of slots so if you have a slower computer they may cause lag if you have a lot of them on your retail lot. I like to use a combination of these with my produce and aquarium retail displays to balance things out since sims can buy directly from the their inventory. This keeps the immersion of running a market and ringing up customers while still turning a profit and avoiding a super laggy lot.

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An extra special Thanks to the Patrons who contributed to this content!

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