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This sprinkler is less conspicuous than the original and waters a little further out so that it works better with other garden items and plants. It will sit slightly above ground when it's off but will pop up when it's turned on. This sprinkler will also not collide with other garden items.

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Gameplay & Object

In-Ground Sprinkler




This sprinkler can be found in Activities & Entertainment > Outdoor Activities. 

I really hated the metal version of this and wanted something more simple so I liberated the sprinkler from it's cage and dropped it into the ground like a normal garden sprinkler. 

This does everything the normal sprinkler does except it waters a slightly larger area. When you're placing it the green footprint that's highlighted around the sprinkler will show you exactly how far it will water. I adjusted it so you can place it directly in the middle of 4 dirt garden tiles and it will water plants from corner to corner. 

I also made it so that this sprinkler can be walked over and so that other objects can be placed around it without any placement or routing issues. 

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